Dr. Janet Kinney, Licensed Psychologist

10 Steps to Teach a Child Discipline

1.     Teach self-control by your example.

2.     Set routines for bedtime, meals, chores, etc.

3.     Establish clear rules.

4.     Explain reasons for the rules when setting them, but do not debate the rules when enforcing them.

5.     Let your child help make rules.

6.     Let your child help decide consequences for when rules are broken.

7.     Try to understand your child’s thoughts and feelings.

8.     When your child violates a rule, control your response.

9.     If you act inappropriately, apologize.

10.Verbally acknowledge good behavior as often, if not more often, than you attend to poor decisions.


     10 Steps to Cool Down

1.     Take a deep breath. Take another. Then remember you are the adult.

2.     Close our eyes and imagine you are hearing what your child is about to hear.

3.     Press your lips together and count to ten. Or better yet, to 20.

4.     Exercise to release tension.

5.     Phone a friend and vent.

6.     If someone can watch your child, go outside and take a walk.

7.     Take a hot bath or splash cold water n your face.

8.     Turn on some music and maybe even sing along.

9.     Drink a glass of cold water.

10. Put yourself in timeout.